The co-educational Schools located in Abak, Akwa Ibom State came into existence on the 8th September, 2008. These private schools, consisting of Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools are the products of God-given initiative of the proprietors. The schools offer qualitative, excellent, functional and practical education in a very decent & conducive environment.

The proprietors believe that nothing can be more rewarding, beneficial and gratifying than the provision of sound, moral, excellent and intellectual development. Therefore as a Christian institution we strive to give our students first-hand scriptural upbringing in line with the objectives of the Association of Christian Schools international (ACSI).

COMMUNICATION: Parents and guardians are informed promptly via telephone or e-mail, of any matter concerning the progress of the school and welfare of the students which they have a right to know.

TALLENT: We give our learners the chance to develop their talents/potentials through a variety of clubs like the JETS, press debate, Quiz, music, drama, sports, writers, homemakers, Bible exposition and public speaking clubs.

EXCURSION: The School embarks on periodic excursion/field trips within and outside the country for students whose parents can afford.

FEES AND RATES: We believe that education does not necessarily have to be expensive in order to be qualitative. We offer our range of top quality services at a very friendly and competitive rates.

INVITATION: We encourage you to take advantage of this unique offer and entrust your child into our care and you would be glad you did.

OUR MISSION:   To provide the best instructional materials, teaching facilities and enabling environment to ensure that our pupils/students grow physically, mentally and spiritually prepared to face the challenges of the Global Community, with sound and functional education through a comprehensive curriculum that integrates both national and international objectives.
  • To make the best use of all available resources, to ensure that teaching and learning are effective and efficient.
  • To use the relevant broad, balanced and challenging curriculum to carter for individual and societal needs.
  • To enable students maximize their academic potentials in an environment devoid of disruptions.
  • To develop and encourage self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-reliance.
  1. Very vast land space for present and future developmental needs.
  2. Spacious classrooms
  3. Standard laboratories for respective science subjects.
  4. Information technology laboratory, equipped with modern computer and internet facilities.
  5. A well laid out library run by a professional.
  6. Serene and attractive playground/indoor activities.
  7. A stand by power plant.
  8. Treated and constant water supply.
  9. Shuttle buses to convey nursery school pupils to and from school.
  10. Medical facilities and doctor on call.
  11. Full boarding facilities for secondary school (Compulsory) and Boarding facilities for

primary pupils (not compulsory.

  1. Language Laboratories for distinction and foreign languages.
Our Curriculum at Esteem Schools is well-rounded. It provides our entire students with standard education that is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated. We strive to give our pupils/students high quality education that is exciting, practical, challenging and meaningful. The school provides an integrated curriculum as recommended by the National Policy on Education.
At Esteem Schools, students and pupils are not maltreated. We aim at fostering an environment where children act in a mature, intelligent, appropriate and responsible way.

Nevertheless, firm but fair punishments could be given when students need an extra push to the right direct. When this occurs we always wish to discuss the issue with the student involved and the parents/guardians if necessary.

We give our learners the chance to develop their talents/potentials through a variety of clubs like the JETS, press debate, Quiz, music, drama, sports, writers, homemakers, bible exposition and public speaking clubs.
We help them to develop their determination to succeed; encouraging independence and self-reliance through training in the following areas: dressmaking, cosmetology, catering, livestock farming, crafts (shoe, bag, bead and hat) making etc.
Our results in external and internal examinations/competitions have been most outstanding. To keep up with this feat, a Resit Policy is put in place to enforce learning.